P1040772Julianne Baker, M.A., CIT

I’m Julianne Baker, living and loving life in Gardiner, MT. After growing up and teaching in Michigan, I have found my home in the Yellowstone ecosystem, where I often instruct for the Yellowstone Association Institute.  I spend every chance I get in the outdoors; hiking, kayaking, skiing and nature journaling in the backcountry. My journals have evolved to include sketching and watercolor of my observations.

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  1. MIke Bennett

    Paddling my kayak in the waters of Lake Yellowstone is a bucket list item. I enjoyed your time on the lake, taking particular note of the following phrase ‘Journaling brings me home–home to the present’ and I believe you know why. Your photos and watercolors enhance your words and draw the reader deeper into your story. Looking forward to your next entry. Thank you for doing this.

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    1. Hi Robin! I am so glad that you found us! Welcome! I journal, as I said, and don’t publish my watercolors often, however, I sometimes include them in a blogpost, if appropriate to the topic. I have also posted on my FaceBook page…. What medium do you work in?


      1. bird810

        Hi! So nice of you to reply! I enjoy collage, mixed media and watercolors (wish I were much better at watercolor so!) but for the last 5 years I have gotten very into making mandalas. I work on black paper with colored pencils and gel pens and add sparkly accents with glitter glue. There is something about working in a circle that sparks my imagination! I will have to read through all the posts on Writing the Wild when I have time. The ones I have read so far really resonated with me. I spent a couple summers working in Yellowstone and that place is so near and dear to my heart! And the Tetons as well. I’m hoping to get back out there this year! It’s been way too long. I’ll have to look for your FB page!

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