One of Those Days

“Winter is not a season, it’s a celebration.”  Animika Mishra You know those days. Days when you wake with anticipation. Look out the window. Call in sick (well). Cancel the dentist appointment. Days when you must, just must, get outside. On skis. Days of sun and blue skies. Days of perfect snow when crust cruising …

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The Best of Winter

"In every ski with nature one receives far more than he seeks."  adapted from  John Muir Expecting cold windy conditions, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself stripping layers within a mile of leaving the trailhead for our backcountry ski-trek. Sun shone between clouds and the forecast winds did not materialize. White, wind-swept snow created …

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The lightness of being (on a Genova beach)

Pen, be my heart: for these two wave-thundering fingers of golden-blue before that sun hits these rocks--in Genova, friend and lover, a city where nothing is not wild. Genova, where all ties and times and turns itself to the sea, and thus to the moon, that pulling, reflecting body... I am here on the spiaggia …

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Skiing is Living 2019

"But we who do not aspire to competitions, we who may still be struggling with the snowplow or the stem turn or perhaps something a bit more ambitious, we amateurs; who shall say we do not share, and deeply, the joy of flight on skis? Do you remember the first time you rode down a …

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Wild New York: Discoveries for the New Year

Hello reader, page, screen, blog, new year. Hello, wintery intermezzo, and hello longer nights, hours spent indoors, learning and storing, contemplating. Hello bookshelf, and hello resolution… I resolved this winter to further a blossoming interest in my home ground, in the water and soil that surrounds. This attention to New York’s wildness and natural history …

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