Who We Are

Welcome to Writing the Wild! This blog is about using writing as a tool to understand our relationship to wilderness wherever we find it. Wilderness could mean a backpacking trip in the famed Bob Marshall Wilderness of Montana or a walk down a wooded path in an eastern hardwood state forest. It could even mean birding in your own backyard. But this blog doesn’t simply describe our adventures; we aim to dig a bit deeper. To get beneath the crust of the earth and of our souls to discover what lies beneath. We write to understand our stories and to understand the world in which we live. Writing is as much a path to discovery as is a wilderness adventure.

Writing the Wild is written entirely by women, but our posts are not meant to be read solely by women. It just happens to be that women write them. Lisa, Julianne, and Hilary are the primary writers, but we also welcome and encourage other women to submit their stories. We want to give you a voice too. Writing is a great way to discover your true self and find your own voice. Visit our Submissions page if you’d like to contribute. Consider subscribing to get the latest blog post delivered to your inbox.