Short summers are a hallmark of living in Montana. What feels like yesterday’s wildflowers have given way to the golden hues of early autumn. This year’s summer season seems to have been especially short. Perhaps it’s due to the drawn-out cool wet spring that lasted into June. Or perhaps it’s due to home projects requiring …

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The Plastic Cap

Happy September… and Happy Plastic Cap month! Check out this initiative to try to limit plastic. If you join the challenge, let us know how it is going.

the dihedral

Plastic Cap!

Have you ever heard of a salary cap?  It’s a simple idea that’s often practiced in professional sports to alleviate the price of overspending.  The idea is that there is a set amount of money that can be spent, and if you go over the allotment there is a tax imposed.  For example lets say there is a $10.00 salary cap, if I want something that will cost me $11.00, then I pay the $10.00 I am allowed to spend, but for the $1.00 that goes over the cap I must pay $2.00.  The extra $1.00 is the tax I owe for going over the cap.

For the month of September theDIHEDRAL has complied to slightly reduce the weight of our carbon footprint by avoiding the purchase of any new plastic.  In other words our Plastic Cap is set at zero.  Just like the salary cap scenario laid…

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Backpacking Yellowstone’s Rivers and Thermals

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” - Gustave Flaubert August sun heated our skin each day as we hiked, carrying packs weighed down with 6 days of food. Nights chilled down, signifying an early notice of autumn’s impending arrival to Yellowstone, making me glad that I’d …

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Teton Crest Trail Magic

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller    It has been a summer of cutting firewood, house remodeling, hiking for work and play, backpack trips for work and for pleasure, and more.... Time has flown. August? Hard to believe. Time has gotten away from me in the blog world. I apologize …

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Old Friends

“Wildflowers are the stuff of my heart!”                                     Lady Bird Johnson Richardson’s and Sticky Geranium. Lupine. Bedstraw. Salsify. Green Gentian. Cinquefoil. Collomia. Wood’s Rose. Paintbrush. Buckwheat. Evert’s Thistle. Forget-Me-Nots. Old friends line the trails and I can almost hear …

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Wallace Stegner and My Geography of Hope

Scouting trails, spring season, hiking, Yellowstone, gratitude, yoga, connections, compassion, national parks…. Words and vague ideas float through my brain as I drink tea, look out the window, watching low clouds lift and fall, revealing then concealing the jagged summit of Electric Peak. I sit with the computer in lap, warming my thighs on this …

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Ruminations on Bristlecone Pines and Wilderness

"I need solitude. I have come forth to this hill...to see the forms of the mountains on the horizon -- to behold and commune with something grander than man."          Henry David Thoreau I love returning to well-loved wild places; Canyonlands, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone are favorites that I revisit often even …

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