Six Outdoor Books to Inspire Your Soul

After years of talk, we are finally beginning a few home improvement projects. Many trips to Bozeman are required which takes time away from skiing. When one can’t be out exploring, one can live vicariously through good books. I began this post with the idea of sharing five of my favorite outdoor books but five …

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An Ecology of Love

“Being in the world is primarily an erotic encounter, an encounter of meaning through contact, an encounter of being oneself through the significance of others---humans, lovers, children, but also other beings, companions and competitors.” -Andreas Weber, Matter and Desire: An Erotic Ecology   I was once asked to write an “autobiography of place.” A glorious …

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A Boot-ist Meditation

Alone at the table I sit, pen-in-hand, remembering. I'm writing a eulogy. For my boots. They were my best, most rugged pair of fire boots: Danners, with thick rubber soles and knowing, thorned-in scratches. Victims of a brutal crime: an unannounced cleaning spree at my parents' house. It is a eulogy, also, to the migratory …

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