Holiday Wishes

What I wish for us all:

Peace: The inner peace of self-acceptance  as well as the outer peace of acceptance of others.

Joy: The inner joy of recognizing your beauty as well as the outer joy of friends and family.

Love: The inner love of loving yourself as well as the outer love of friends and family.

Centeredness: The feeling of being home in the outdoors–of appreciating the beauty of our earth, of realizing the importance of our lands, of spending time walking on the earth, smelling the trees, rain/snow, watching the sun throw shadows across snow.

Adventure: The excitement of discovery: new lands, new trails, new science, new information about our most incredible earth.

May you have adventures galore this new year, and may you fight for your public lands and may we win protection for those special places that speak to our hearts.

Most of all: May we have hope to light our way.


5 thoughts on “Holiday Wishes

  1. Julianne, this is the perfect holiday wish. I hope we all come to realize how vitally important our natural world is to our health, both physical and emotional. Our very best wishes to you and Fred for a holiday season of serenity found in the deep reaches of nature and a new year filled with countless adventures.

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