To 2018

As 2017 comes to a close, we take stock of ourselves and this past year. We consider the future and what we want for ourselves and others, and what we want for the Wild.

May 2018 bring us all joy and peace, and new adventures on our public lands.

I’ll return on January 20th to regular posting… the combination of the holidays added to computer issues has challenged my ability to meet deadlines.

Best wishes to all.


4 thoughts on “To 2018

  1. Neysa

    Julianne, you and your writing will be missed. Ah, technology! Ah, holidays…seems they’re not always the Currier and Ives, restful, peaceful R&R we hope they’ll be. Though I’m not superstitious, I might just cross my fingers a time or two for our public lands and the health of our planet in 2018. They are us and we are nothing without them.


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